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2020 Virtual Summer Camp Experience

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One of the most fundamental measures of success in our program begins with our thorough and registration form and team selection process. From the minute our potential students begin providing us with information about themselves and their backgrounds, our team of professionally trained "Preneurology Facilitation Coaches" (PFC's) assigned to your child's cohort, will begin to review each student’s profile. The PFC's are able to form diverse teams by utilizing students’ applications, questionnaires and video pitches. After reviewing the profiles, the coaches then compare their own personal skills, strengths, and talents to determine which team is best for them to lead in order to create a transformational experience for our students. Our team selection process, design projects and agile competitions are meant to challenge the students to move beyond the comfort they are used to for optimized growth during our experience.

Our registration process consists of three simple steps:



Registration & Tuition Payment – STEP 1

Complete the registration form online and pay the full tuition fee in order to secure your child’s space and save on payment plan fees. We are able to reserve your child's space before April 1st with a half tuition at the time of registration.There is an additional $25 processing fee to split payment that will be due with your deposit. All remaining balances must be satisfied by April 15th or you will loose your child's space.Half tuition deposits and Half of Full Tuition payments are fully refundable before April 15th. You may receive a refund of  half tuition before May 1st. There will be no refunds allowed on or after May 1st for Summer Sessions. 



Supplemental Forms – STEP 2

So now that you’ve registered we want to learn a little more about your child and where they are at this stage in their lives, to enhance theie Youth IncYOUbator Experience, even if they are returning students. Once your registration is received your child’s space is secure and you will receive an email confirmation. Although your child’s space is secured, you or your child will still need to submit the youth questionnaire form that will provided via a link in your confirmation email. You will have until May 1st to submit the Youth questionnaire form for Summer Sessions.

Although we soft screen all registrations received, it is only to ensure that all students applying are willing and eager to be involved and committed on the road to becoming CEO of their lives. This ensures that we are able to provide a truly engaging and transformational experience for all participants. Most applications are accepted. If for some reason your child's enrollment is rejected we will notify you within 1-3 business days and your full tuition amount will be returned to your original method of payment.This is extremely rare and you will not need to contact us to check on your child's status. If you have not received a rejection email your child's registration has been accepted.



Pre Session Information & Events – STEP 3
Good, you’re all set to go! You will receive an email invitation with a link to attend our mandatory parent orientation via Live Webinar on May 2nd. You will also receive an electronic welcome packet with helpful information to prepare you and your child for their experience on or before May 1st. See you soon!


You may be surprised to hear that our soft screen enrollment criteria is not based on test scores or GPA. Your child’s space is reserved the moment you apply. Although we do not have the typical requirements for accepting applications and we accept students on a first come rolling basis, we do want to ensure that all participants are there to become the CEO of their lives. Coaches and administrators screen each application and read each question. We seek willing, committed, and coachable youth participants who have aspirations, ambition, and expect great things for themselves – or students who really want to get to that place and can’t seem to find their voice to do so. We are not interested in what your child knows already, but what they have done or can DO with what they know, because we are building lifelong learners who are relentless problem solvers. What we focus on is your child’s future. Enrollment criteria is based on the willingness of the student to participate and the student’s commitment to discovering their passion and who they are in the world – hopefully leading to a greater sense of purpose. We are looking for students with open minds who are excited about joining our Youth IncYOUbator. Youth participants do not have to have a business idea or prior entrepreneurship experience to apply. We welcome those who are looking to build their self-confidence and discover their leadership capabilities for the first time as well – there certainly is a lot to gain from our experiences.


CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator

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