This is not school! It's an immersive experience...


You’ll work with a cohort of your peers in an agile, fast-paced, experiential environment that represents the types of work culture, personal life challenges and business environments you will encounter in the very near future. You will have the opportunity to launch find a team of Co-Founders to launch a business idea with, or start your own based on your interest. You will learn skills and tools that help you to figure out what career options might fit you best and the gain the creative confidence to create one from scratch if you don't find what works for you! We have prizes and exciting challenges throughout each session. Each session is different where you will be facing new challenges with an entirely different group of peers, or not (feel free to invite your friends to attend your next session with you to compete or launch an idea).


                                       CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator Cohorts:


  • Tiny CEO's (grades 4th & 5th) Tiny CEO sessions are one week in duration at a time. You may enroll in several sessions during the Summer Semester. Tiny CEO's earn one credit towards our exclusive Junior P.I.E.S. Certification. 

  • Tween CEO's (grades 6th-8Th)  Tween CEO sessions may run for one or two weeks in duration at a time depending on the program location. Tween and Teen CEO's are mixed in the same cohort, however we do assign youth to clusters which they remain in during the experience for instructional time and other activities where maturity could impact the outcome or effectiveness. Youth will be encouraged and have the opportunity to mix with other grade clusters for their Start Up Business teams. This is more reflective of the real world environment to allow students to collaborate with other students based on their talents and skill set as opposed to their age or grade level. The future of talent and innovation is fluid! You may enroll in several sessions during the Summer Semester. Tween CEO's earn two credits towards our exclusive Junior P.I.E.S. Certification. 

  • Teen CEO's (grades 9th-12th) Teen CEO sessions may run for one or two weeks in duration at a time. You may enroll in several sessions during the Summer Semester. Teen CEO's earn three credits towards our exclusive Junior P.I.E.S. Certification. 

In teams, you’ll gain valuable, insightful and transferable experiences while you iterate disruptive and creative solutions to problems that startups, freelancers, and businesses face each day. This personal & professional transformational experience will build your creative confidence, make you an agent of innovation, and give you the most relevant and innovative tools to use as you design the future work, business and life you want.

Through implementation of our Prenerology Methodology, you will Ignite your own personal value proposition, become Empowered with the relevant tools used in today’s Global World, and Connect with a community of like minded people both peers and mentors to help you thrive on your journey to being the CEO of your life.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Understand that it all begins with you. You have a set of personal values and skills that no one else possesses - your own Personal Value Proposition or PVP. Harnessing and understanding your PVP will give you the confidence to add value under any circumstances.

  • Undergo a personal transformation that allows your creative confidence to flourish and thrive.

  • Build a new toolbox of skills to innovate within every aspect of your life, including:
    ○ Preneurology Methodology (Innerpreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Interpreneurship, and Intrapreneurship exposure.)
    ○ Mastery of Personal Innovation Mindset for Your Own Personal Brand
    ○ Design Thinking and Relentless Problem Solving
    ○ Lean Methodology
    ○ Business Model Canvassing

  • Strengthen and apply skills like collaboration, empathy, teamwork, and clear communication by solving real world problems and uncovering the values you possess in any setting.

  • Develop and apply executive functioning skills like organizing, prioritizing, and planning. Participate in experiences that demand that you start and complete tasks and be able to self-regulate your pace and progress.

  • Develop a clear plan forward:
    ○ Explore other IncYOUbator experiences
    ○ Create opportunities to network with other CEO of My Life alumni, participants, and their connections in the startup and incubation ecosystem.

What Can You Expect?

  • Team collaboration, exciting competitions, and a safe environment for failing while experiencing real life challenges that help you grow and mature each time you navigate them whether successful or unsuccessful. It's about what you learn, not what you achieve.

  • You will launch a Start Up Business Idea and work with Top Innovative Companies.

  • Discover yourself! Utilizing the Preneurology Methodology, tap into your personal talents and innate abilities to awaken value you didn’t know you had.

  • Understanding the dynamics of the fluid, innovative, tech-focused economy.

  • Learn skills for the 21st century workplace including personal innovation and development, creative confidence, and collaboration.

  • Build skills that allow you to be a self starter as well as complete tasks in an environment that demands prioritization, organization, and planning.

  • Understand and apply new models of entrepreneurial thinking to thrive in today’s economy.
    ○ Business Modeling
    ○ Design Thinking
    ○ Lean Startup Methodology
    ○ Agile Development

  • Active collaboration and application of tools to foster understanding, discussion, creativity, and analysis that leads to innovative solutioning for real world problems facing today’s businesses.

  • Sharing, reflecting, and questioning.

  • Interact with industry-leading brands like Delta, Panasonic, Google, and Facebook.

  • Develop a portfolio of concrete experiences you can build upon, a new set of skills and tools, and a roadmap for identifying areas for potential growth.

CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator

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