CEO of My Life Global Inc. has carefully designed and created its Youth IncYOUbator to help youth from all walks of life come together to build the creative confidence to develop their own personal brands while launching start ups and professional careers for the fluid global economy.

The Youth IncYOUbator will accelerate youth participants' personal growth and instill in them the 21st Century professional and soft skills needed to success in the future of work and business.


CEO of My Life Global Inc. is an entrepreneurial lifestyle and experience based training company. We curate immersive transformational experiences, events,curriculum and content both digital and live to help all humans become the Chief Entrepreneurial Executive (CEO) of their lives. We help empower individuals and groups to shift their mindset and ignite their innovative capacity to utilize creative diversity and confidence to help creative value in the world on their own terms. We empower people to hone in their innate talents, skills and interest, and turn them into enterprise and self sufficiency for the future of work and business. We help you achieve this through exposure and training based on our Preneurology Methodology to help you master personal innovation and S.T.E.A.M. entrepreneurial soft skills (P.I.E.S.) training. We are committed to helping all humans reach their full entrepreneurial potential to live life by design, not by default.


We are a social enterprise and have a moral responsibility to help empower and position people of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic class levels to take control of their lives and making decisions based on their super power meeting the worlds needs. We imagine a world where we do not see race, class level or geographic location as a barrier but an asset to building the future of technology and innovation with true diversity. Our mission is more of a journey, we are not building up for a result but working hard to have daily impact transforming one human being at a time, each and every day through our work. We envision a world where all human beings adding their unique value to the world, collaborating and creating together based on our innovative capacity and unique sets of experiences to help improve quality of life, revitalize communities and provide equal economic opportunity, for all humans to be the CEO of their lives and live life by design, not by default. 



In a world where there is a huge gap in the market for S.T.E.A.M. and entrepreneurial soft skills  training & education, CEO of My Life Global Inc. seeks to provide youth with the same certification we provide for our adults. We developed our industry driven, "Junior Personal Innovation and S.T.E.A.M. Entrepreneurial Soft Skills (P.I.E.S.) Certification training. We developed the training to be naturally infused into our already dynamic and transformational Youth IncYOUbator experiences during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.


With the seal of exclusive, "Junior P.I.E.S. Certification" our youth participants can demonstrate to prospective colleges, internships, the business community, corporate leaders and investors that they have the experience, exposure and soft skills to add value to their team or institution. Our youth are able to hit the ground running, adapt, iterate and innovative in any Start Up, Corporate or Career environment now or in the future. Our Junior P.I.E.S. Certified youth have the confidence, capabilities and connections to start up their futures NOW and create value on their own terms to be successful in the fluid innovation economy and for the future of work and business.


We will ignite youth participants' creative spark and natural capacity to innovate through building  their creative and personal confidence, using our immersive personal growth experiences and youth life coaching with our very own Preneurology Methodology.


We cultivate our their innate entrepreneurial spirit, putting them in the right mindset for mastering personal innovation and becoming relentless problem solvers.


Through our applied learning sprints and whole-part-whole training, incorporated during our experiences, we empower youth. By introducing them to and teaching them the most relevant and emerging tools, methodologies and schools of thought, we equip them with new tools and skills to pair with their newly ignited talents and gifts. This allows our students to solve problems through creating human centered solutions, creating value in the world on their own terms.


We connect youth to themselves, their communities and the fluid economy we now live in holistically. We do this to ensure youth are truly able to translate their talents, skills and interests into opportunities by being self-sufficient and mastering personal innovation. We help connect all the dots, enabling our students to take full advantage of every idea and opportunity – pairing up creativity with critical thinking and S.T.E.A.M. focused problem solving with creative design skills.

"We train youth on how to be the CEO of their own life, by taking ownership of their talents and skills and truly directing their own course, to create value in the world."



Using Understanding By Design and backwards design, we created the immerse experience necessary to help participants meet the 4 main objectives. The curriculum is experiential, content based and learner-centered. It is meant to spiral and loop back and forth to introduce students to concepts, allow them to put those concepts into practice and come back to debrief and reinforce their experiences.



Help participants uncover their Personal Value Proposition (PVP)


Empower students to design their lives and apply their Personal Value Proposition within any environment to make an impact in the areas they care most about


Understand how to identify opportunities and succeed in today’s fluid environment


Build a toolbox of relevant tools & skills that they can use to become an agent of innovation

CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator

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