CEO of My Life Youth


The Youth IncYOUbator is a transformational experience based training pipeline and membership club for youth ages 7-18, our experiences are offered in individual sessions which are held during the Summer, as well as the Fall and Spring semesters during the school year.  


Our Youth IncYOUbator is focused on constant iterative personal and professional development of our youth.  We immerse youth in the training, culture, resources and ecosystems needed to gain a foothold in their desired industry or support in developing and launching an innovative business idea.


We believe in youth utilizing S.T.E.A.M. – science, technology, engineering, art and math – as tools to pair with their unique super power to become a part of the global start-up community and new future of work that they will have to compete in to create value in the world on their own terms. In shifting the old narrative and fear in S.T.E.A.M. we show our youth how S.T.E.A.M. is true creative freedom that can allow you to design a lifestyle and work you love now and in the future.



Our experiences particularly our Summer Experience is not designed like other standard Summer camps or youth entrepreneurship & leadership programs. It's fun, exciting and keeps our youth participants on the edge of their seats and emotions. Yes, we even get tears but tears of growth and confidence building on each one or two week long journey we take them on during the experience. They are discovering things about themselves for the first time and working with peers in a way they haven't before. We force them to FAIL FORWARD and to become comfortable with failure, it's the fastest way to success. But knowing who you are and what your super power is leads to true happiness. Because we know that happiness and success are not related in the real world.  We utilize among other tools, our in house holistic method of Preneurology, as well as our ground-breaking, Junior P.I.E.S. Training.


We create a mindset that will shape their future into one of true success and inner happiness.


During the each experience the youth are equipped with the tools needed to take their unique talents and skills and transform them into enterprise, innerprise, and self-sufficiency. 


This is instilled in them from the first day of each experience -- youth participants are kept on their toes and pushed out of their comfort zones.


Youth Participants will go through an immersive and exciting round of sessions, during the Summer or Fall/Spring semesters, which provide acceleration in personal growth each time they attend. The better a student knows himself and what his unique value is, the more control they have over designing their voice and future to evolve into the CEO of their life.


Our experiences are fun and anything but a classroom. Real life businesses. Real life problems.

And Real Life solutions coming out of each session. Youth are supported and encouraged to embrace mistakes as a part of their growth. By digging deep they begin to take control of their future and are living life by design, not by default.

Why does The Youth IncYOUbator exist?

We exists because of the rapid changes that have occurred effecting the future landscape of business, work and lifestyle, we will live in constant accelerate change. It is unpredictable and ever-changing and our goal is to develop youth who can pivot with these changes and thrive in their new environment. The CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator will give youth an understanding of personal branding and entrepreneurial soft skills. This is preparation for the fast-paced, global innovation economy.

We want to guide Youth IncYOUbator participants to become the CEO of their lives through accelerated personal and professional growth experiences that occur throughout the year. Much like a business joins an incubator to receive support, resources, training, and a space to discover their unique value, the same will happen with the individual. In this case, the startup is not another company but the student (YOU).

Who? (sessions by age breakdown)

We offer programs tailored to the unique skills and challenges of each age group:

Tiny CEOs - ages 7-9

  • Tiny CEOs have several one-week sessions available each summer only.

  • They will receive one credit for every session towards the Junior P.I.E.S. Certification.

Tween CEOs - ages 10-12

  • The Tween CEO Summer Semester Experience will run for two weeks each session.

  • They will receive two credits for every session towards the Junior. P.I.E.S. Certification.

Teen CEOs - ages 13-17

  • The Teen CEO Summer Semester Experience will run for two weeks each session.

  • They will receive three credits for every session towards the Junior. P.I.E.S. Certification.

When? (Summer vs Fall/Spring Sessions)

Our sessions are offered in several different formats and timeframes to meet the needs of your student.

The Fall and Spring Experience is 6-8 weeks long and is a hybrid experience. Every other week the students will meet on campus and then on the alternating weeks they will meet virtually.

The Summer Experience is our signature event and most intensive experience. It takes place each summer at top universities and partner organizations. The summer experience is one week long for our Tiny CEOs and two weeks long for both our Tween and Teen CEOs.

The summer is a very fast paced, agile, and accelerated personal growth experience. The fall and spring experiences are slower in pace but allow the students to dive deeper into the content. Both formats allow the students to experience one-on-one coaching, mentorship, and training with top companies.

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